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SHOP THE LOOK: A lot of people might not know this about me, but I’m actually LEED certified, and designing green homes is something that I haven’t had much opportunity to dabble in, but is something that I’m incredibly interested in. It tickles me to no end to stumble upon a space that not only catches your eye, but takes it easy on the environment to boot.I’m of the firm belief that form and function can work harmoniously together, and this green home is a prime example. Designed by Haley Manning, and photographed by Madeline Harper, take a closer look at it in all of its beautiful glory below. And for more information, including an interview with these fabulous homeowners, head on over here! SEE MORE FROM OUR HOUSE ENVY SERIES RIGHT HERE SHOP THE LOOK: SEE MORE FROM OUR HOUSE ENVY SERIES RIGHT HERE Build: Younger Homes | Design: Haley Manning | Photography: Madeline Harper