A kitty cat second birthday party with the most incredibly fun decor | Wedding & Party Ideas

A kitty cat second birthday party with the most incredibly fun decor


26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner's Life Easier

And you thought your cat was clever.


Sugar Writer Pur-fect Kitty Cat Cupcakes

A sweet treat for cat lovers of all ages, these Purr-fect Kitty Cat Cupcakes are great for birthday parties or any occasion or celebration. Use the Sugar Writer Sanding Sugar Pen to create detailed hearts and paw prints with Pink Sanding Sugars, then add finer details with black icing.



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Felt Emoji Cat Toys

Since we've gotten a new puppy I'm trying to be especially good to the cats. It's not that Carly doesn't love the kitties, she does. It's just a little too much love for Marla and JouJou. She tackles them and licks them. She tries to chew on their ears. She chases them around the house not realizing that while she loves being chased they don't so much.Not about to hide under a bed like the Joujamonster has been for a few weeks now, Marla has been followed by Carly the lovesick puppy an awful lot. And in truth, Marla encourages her attention because she does like to play with her. But Lil Bit has got so much energy that she wears everyone clean out and sometimes Mar needs a breather. :) I've actually started putting a box of craft stuff in front of my office window so Mar can lay and not be bothered in at least one of her favorite spots!With Carly around the kitties most definitely need a little bit of TLC and so I decided to make them some happy toys. And what's happier than emojis? Not much, right? I am sure I've said it before, but I'll say it again... my cats totally dig handmade. And since felt and floss and catnip are all super cheap this project might even be less expensive than buying storebought, anyway.In fact, if you're crafty it's quite possible that you already have everything on hand to knock this puppy out of the park.Want to make some super adorable emoji cat toys for your kitties?For this project you will need: Free printable patterns Smiley Emojis and/or Heart Emojis Yellow, black, white, pink and red felt Matching embroidery floss Needle and scissors Catnip Freezer paper and hot iron (optional)Print your free patterns on office paper or freezer paper.Cut the copy paper patterns out and trace or apply the freezer paper patterns with a hot iron (see more details on how to perfectly cut felt with freezer paper here).Stitch the pieces onto the felt large, yellow felt circles with matching floss. Use your patterns to help guide you with placement of each piece. You can always use a smidge of glue if you're having a difficult time keep your felt pieces in place while you stitch. Just add a dab of glue to the center and it will stay perfectly in place!When a face is complete, using yellow embroidery floss, stitch the top circle to another yellow felt circle using the blanket stitch. Leave a gap of about 1-1.5 inches open.Using a piece of paper and tape or staples, create a funnel and transfer catnip into the inside of your emoji through the gap you left open.These are fairly large cat toys so each will take about 0.25 ounce to get a nice, even fill.Finish the blanket stitch to close up your gap and these guys are done!And so stinkin' cute, amIright?I think I love the heart ones the best but Marla seems to be a fan of them ALL!And I'm a huge fan of making something that is so well used and loved! I'll just have to help the cats keep them out of the paws of that pesky puppy :)


Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls: Tuesday Tutorial - Kitty Cats Dies


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Whimsical and sweet pillow featuring a sleeping black kitty cat and a curious little white mouse peeking at him. This pair looks very realistic.



cats. I'ma kitty cat. I go meow meow meow, meow meow meow.



“Love these little kitty cats!


Loralee Lewis

If there is one thing that little girls love - it's kitties! Perhaps, it's their tiny paws or sweet little meows - but girls (of all ages) have a difficult time not wanting to take one home. Little Lily Belle Daines is no exception. Which is why earlier this summer, her mother and I threw Lily Belle…


The Wild Is Calling

The Wild Is Calling - LOLcats is the best place to find and submit funny cat memes and other silly cat materials to share with the world. We find the funny cats that make you LOL so that you don't have to.


Cute Cats of Instagram (10 Pics)

Instagram has a lot of cute cat photos and one of the best accounts is cats_of_instagram. Check them out for more cuteness!


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Kitty Cat Necklace

Kitty Cat Necklace by BeadsnBobbins on Etsy


Kitty Cat Measuring Cups



I always love how his whiskers pop out against a black background! For the ODC challenge VIVID


Beautiful Cat

This beautiful cat lives at the harbour of Side / Turkey


Kitty Cat Trio

You might remember our black cat set we made from 2×4’s for Halloween. These are some other color kitty cats Continue Reading


DIY Kitty Cat Sewing Kit Bag Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial


Simon Says Stamp KITTY CAT Wafer Dies S470

Simon Says Stamp dies are made in the USA of 100% durable steel and usable in nearly every machine on the market. Use wafer dies on cardstock, felt, fabric, even shrink plastic! You can use wafer thin dies to cut, stencil, emboss and create! This die measures approximately 1.1 x 3 inches.



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Real Men Love Cats Too! - 1st November 2014


Playing Cat Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

This Playing Cat Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern is quick and easy to work up, so you can have your own little kitty in no time.


Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls: Tuesday Tutorial - Kitty Cats Dies


The amazing team of Grey Meow Cats would love to join your amigurumi family this season! Every cat-lover would certainly be thrilled to discover a cute


So...we almost done here?

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little woollie: Kitty Cat Tutorial/Pattern - on the list for Must make... Maybe Christmas??


A kitty cat second birthday party with the most incredibly fun decor | Wedding & Party Ideas

A kitty cat second birthday party with the most incredibly fun decor


How-To: Bright Kitty Cat Garland | Make:

Celebrate your favorite cat lady/guy/kid in fabulous feline style! Make a happy string of super-cute kitty cat garland with this easy-too-follow tutorial.


Purrr-fectly Adorable Kitty Cat 3rd Birthday - Smash Cake

This is the kitty cat party that almost didn’t happen. Despite my not being a cat person in even the slightest, my youngest is. She is a huge cat person. And when your little ones love something, you do things you wouldn’t normally do…like throw a kitty cat party. Unfortunately, the week of the party, our …