35 Jello Shot Recipes To Serve At Your Next Party

Love throwing parties? We do, too. From party food to decor to drinks, we love everything there is to party planning. When it comes to cocktails and adult fun, we love to throw in special drinks, too. Some of our favorites right now are jello shots, in fact, you might even say we are obsessed with them. A fun and easy way to serve cocktails to a crowd, we know you will be, too, once you see this lists of 35 awesome jello shot recipes. From easy ideas in disposable plastic party cups, to fancy fruit slice presentations to themed


Fireball Cherry Jello Shots Recipe - Entertaining Diva Recipes @ From House To Home

This Fireball cherry Jello shots recipe is the best! I love the cinnamon flavor and the red jello will be perfect for my Super Bowl party. #entertainingdiva #cocktails #drinkrecipes #partyideas #jelloshots #redjelloshots


How To Make Jello Shots | Sugar and Soul

This is the Ultimate Guide for How To Make Jello Shots where I’ll share tips, ideas, and some of my favorite recipes for your next party! Make them with vodka, rum, bourbon, and more!


20 Red, White, and Blue Drink Ideas

The patriotic season is almost upon us! With Memorial Day and the Fourth of July just around the corner, you are probably starting to make your plans. If you are hosting a party or just want a fun festive way to enjoy these patriotic holidays, mixing up a fun drink can be the perfect solution! These drinks are all red, whit, and blue which makes them perfect for these holiday.! They don’t take a ton of work, and you’ll have a festive drink to enjoy for any reason to celebrate America on Independence Day. Here are some red, white and


Jello Shots Recipe

Jello Shots Recipe #shots #jello #vodka #dinneratthezoo


Jolly Rancher Jello Shots

Check out these Jolly Rancher jello shots. We're making two delicious flavors so you can take your pick or make them both!


Pink Starburst Jello Shots

Ingredients and Instructions for make Pink Starburst Jello Shots #Pink #Starburst #Jello #Shots


Basic Jello Shots

You may be tempted to use straight vodka, but don't! By using flavored vodka instead of regular, you can create delicious flavors that actually make Jello Shots taste good! Imagine that.  Suggested flavor pairings: Strawberry-lemonade: Strawberry gelatin with lemon-flavored vodka Very Berry: Cherry gelatin with berry-flavored vodka Limeade: Lime gelatin with watermelon-flavored vodka Lemon Berry Blue: Berry blue gelatin with lemon-flavored vodka


Cinnamon Apple Jello Shots

These fun, spicy Cinnamon Apple Jello Shots are a seasonal twist on a party favorite! Skip the vodka and opt for cinnamon whiskey paired with green apple gelatin for this crowd pleasing recipe! #crumbykitchen #jelloshots #cinnamon #apple #cocktails #jello #fireball #whiskey #partytreats


Southern Peach Jello Shot Recipe ft Fireball | Unicorn Hideout

Southern Peach Jello Shot, easy jello shot recipe, with Fireball whisky, peach jello and cream soda. Cinnamon peach jello shot. Alcohol, liquor recipes. Party recipes.


Strawberries & Cream Jell-O Shots #Recipe #BadMomsNightIn #halloweenjelloshots Strawberries & Cream Jell-O Shots #Recipe #BadMomsNightIn


Caramel Apple Jello Shots | Wisconsin Mommy

These caramel apple Jello shots will be the hot of your next party! #halloween #drinks #fall #tailgate


Peach Bellini Jello Shots - My Mini Adventurer


Moscow Mule Jello Shots - Domesticate ME

It’s Friday and I love you. Let’s talk about jello shots. HOLY SHIT. JELLO SHOTS ARE AWESOME. Sorry for the yelling and profanity, but I ate three jello shots before sitting down to write this, and dear God. This is the best day of my life. I’m so excited you’re here!! If you’re surprised to…


Frozen RumChata Vanilla Pudding Shots (EASY!) – Unsophisticook

Frozen RumChata Vanilla Pudding Shots -- These dreamy RumChata pudding shots are luscious little cups of cinnamon-y, vanilla-y alcohol-infused pudding that will be the star of your next cookout or tailgate! | pudding shots recipes | alcoholic pudding shots | vodka pudding shots | easy pudding shots #puddingshots #alcoholicdrinks #partydrinks #partyideas #cookoutfood #cookoutrecipe #drinkrecipes #tailgatefood #tailgaterecipes #gamedayfood #gamedayrecipes


Pink Lemonade Jell-O Shots

When life gives you lemons make Lemonade Jell-O Shots.


Lime Margarita Jello Shots

These Lime Margarita Jello Shots are one of my favorite ways to have a Lime Margarita.  


Grape Creamsicle Jello Shots

Cream and jello go really well together. Grape Creamsicles are more rare than orange ones, but I swear they are just as good, if not arguably better! So it’s a perfect marriage for a jello shot! It’s a pretty simple recipe.. you take a grape jello shot and cover it in whipped cream. BAM! It’s a shot made in heaven.. it’s so easy.. yet so pleasy!


Margarita Jello Shot

Forget the artificial Jell-O flavor—these jiggly shots taste just like the real thing. Learn how to make it with our simple recipe.


9 Sensational Summer Jello Shots

Colorful, wiggly-jiggly, flavorful jello combined with tropical booze makes these jello shots scream SUMMER.


Easy Strawberry Jello Shots

Easy Strawberry Jello Shots – Perfectly sweet and delicious. All you need is a few ingredients: fresh strawberries, strawberry jello, tequila, margarita mix, sugar and lime. So yummy! Great for parties! Quick and easy recipe. Video recipe. | Tipbuzz.com


Baileys Irish Cream Jello Shots!

Baileys Irish Cream Jello Shots!


Margarita jello shots recipe! Fun alcoholic jello shot recipe for the summer time. Green Lime flavored so cute for a party!


Pineapple Upside Down Cake Jello Shots - Crafty Morning

Pineapple upside down cake jello shots- summer jello shot recipe, tropical flavors, fun cherry jello shots! Alcoholic jello shots or make non-alcoholic for the kids. Pineapple juice grenadine


Cookie Dough Pudding Shots

These might be better than “half baked.” 1 box sugar free vanilla pudding ¾ cup skim milk ¼ cup vanilla rum cream ½ cup cookie dough flavored vodka 1 tub of fat free whipped topping 2 t…


Mojito Jello Shot Recipe

Mojito Jello Shots - Want to learn how to make jello shots? This yummy Mojito Jello Shot recipe is perfect for summer pool parties or any time of year! Delicious jello shots with rum, lime, and mint - YUM!


Top 10 Jello Shot Recipes For Parties – Top 10 Menu


Creamsicle Orange Jello Shots

Creamsicle Orange Jello Shots are a delicious combination of fruity orange jello and creamy whipped vodka for a perfect party shot! #BreadBoozeBacon #jelloshots #whippedvodka #orangejello


Pretty Pink Champagne Jello Shots - Entertaining Diva Recipes @ From House To Home

Love this pink champagne jello shots recipe. It's made in cups so it's easy to served and make. #entertainingdiva #newyearseve #champagne #partyideas #jelloshots #summer


Apple Pie Jello Shots Recipe

Apple Pie Jello Shots Recipe