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Toilet Paper Pumpkins (Cheap & Easy Fall Decor!)

Easy DIY Fall Decor Idea For The Home


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Dollar Tree Fall Crafts

I walked into the Dollar Tree the other day and it was full of autumn goodness... beautiful faux maple leaves, acorns, pumpkins, and shades of red, orange, and yellow covered the end caps. I felt like I needed a Pumpkin Spice anything... Give me ALL the Pumpkin Spice! Ha! And for 2 minutes, it gave me a glimmer of hope that I would experience Fall this year... But then I remembered that I live in Florida so the only Fall I'll be experiencing is the *FALL* that I create in my home... the home that will have the AC blasting through December. We have one season here - SUMMER. Oh well... that's life, I suppose. So back to the Dollar Tree... it was full of autumn goodness... Holy Moly! Ribbon! Look at these cute wooden stickers!Metal Words - fun!More RibbonPumpkins! So of course I got completely sidetracked from whatever I was in the Dollar Tree for in the first place and I started brainstorming things to make with all the fall goodness!! A 2-minute trip turned into a 45-minute brainstorming sessions with piles of supplies in little mounds. I'm a firm believer that ANYONE can craft AND that crafts don't have to be elaborate or expensive to be CUTE! Watch this to get your juices flowing! Easy Wreath Supplies: Wreath, Ribbon, Galvanized Tin Words, Flowers, Scissors, Hot Glue The process is Easy Peasy - only takes 5 - 10 minutes! Wrap the wreath with ribbon. You can create a bow or if you don't like bows, skip the bow. Add flowers if you like flowers or use the wooden stickers. Make it YOURS! Fall Vase Supplies: Vase, Ribbon, Raffia, Wooden Stickers, Hot Glue, Scissors (you could put flowers or a candle in the vase) I did this craft in 5 minutes. I wrapped the tall ribbon around the vase, hot gluing it as needed, wrapped raffia around the middle and glued a leaf to where I tied the raffia in a knot. Voila! It would be a cute table centerpiece if you made 2 more. (My brain thinks in sets of 3) Burlap Pumpkin Supplies: Styrofoam pumpkin, Burlap Ribbon (or ribbon of your choice - doesn't have to be burlap!), Flowers, Stems/leaves, Scissors, Hot glue This one took a little more time than the other ones. I was inspired by BlakeByDesign (if you are on Instagram, you should check her out - lots of fun projects!) - she used fabric strips and covered a pumpkin - ADORABLE! Instead of fabric, I cut strips of Dollar Tree ribbon to fit around the pumpkin and then I hot glued each piece overlapping until I covered it completely. I then glued some some leaves on the top and placed flowers in the middle. Simple and cute! My little collection of *FALL* Dollar Tree crafts! With the exception of the faux eucalyptus plant (IKEA) hiding in the back, the entire tiered tray is decorated with items from the Dollar Tree. That green porcelain pumpkin with the gold stem - Dollar Tree. That orange burlap pumpkin - Dollar Tree. The white ball fillers - Dollar Tree. Succulent - Dollar Tree. You get the point. Decorating doesn't have to be expensive and crafting doesn't have to be complicated, so run to your local Dollar Tree. You've got this!!! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more DIY Crafts & Projects.


Gorgeous Accordion Fold Fall Paper Leaf Banner

Today we're continuing with the theme of easy fall crafts. Couple of days ago I shared this really beautiful Sewn Leaf Art project that I made with my preschooler. Today I just wanted to share this gorgeous folded paper leaf banner. I came up with the idea after reading some fall-themed books with my son. Seeing all the beautiful colored leaves in the books made me miss the fall leaves back on the East coast. And then it hit me- why not make our own? Bring a bit of fall to our forever-summer state. And so, my son and I got to making and painting together. The results came out so beautiful that he insisted we hang the banner up in his room to spruce it up. Don't have time to paint leaves? Try this easy origami paper version instead! Materials Used: Thick paper (We used sketch paper instead of Watercolor Paper because it was easier to fold and hole punch.) Paint brushes Liquid Watercolors Plastic Tray Art Palettes Scissors Hole Puncher (We got our from Target and LOVE it.) Yarn Stapler Here's how we made our paper leaf banner! First, I cut out a bunch of 5 1/2" x 7" rectangles. Then, I took my rectangle and folded it in half, then in half, then in half again (along the length.) (This way I had lines to guide my accordion folds later.) Then, I punched a hole in one end. Then, I unfolded most of my folds until my paper was only folded in half. I cut a slanted line on one side (right in the image above) to give the general shape of a leaf. (The leaf's point is in the middle of the paper.) Once I had this general shape down. I cut out several different types of designs on my slanted side to make various leaves that looked realistic when refolded. Then, I open up my paper and accordion folded the paper along my pre-folded lines. I stapled the folds together. I opened up my accordion folds like a fan and pushed down on the leaf's edges to make sure they stay opened. I ended up with some really lovely and modern leaves. (Apologies if my directions seem rather intense. But I promise that once you make one leaf, you'll become a leaf making factory and churn out a whole bunch more.) Then, we grabbed your watercolor paints and painted away! At first we we looked at some photos of fall leaves and choose fall-themed colors. But then my son requested blue and purple too because he really loves those colors. I made a whole bunch of leaves for us to paint, but it took him 1/2 an hour to just finish painting one! He was very set on painting both the front and back and all the folded nooks and crannies. So while he worked on his leaf, I just splashed the rest with beautiful, vibrant colors. (Don't you just looove the pigmentation of Liquid Watercolors. Really, gorgeous.) Once our paint dried, I tied the leaves to a 3 long strands of yarn. And that's it! I really, really love how this activity turned out. I hope you enjoy trying it out with your children too! I'll bet it would make a wonderful play date or classroom art activity. Couldn't you just imagine several kids painting side-by-side to create beautiful fall-themed decorations? And if you liked this simple painting activity, check out these 4 other painting activities below! Painted Cardboard Castles Painted Paper Plates Paper Plate Dragons Scrape Art- Easy Abstract Art with Kids Let's keep in Contact! You can always find more fun ideas on my Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts! (Or subscribe to my email mailing list by filling out the pink bar at the top of the screen. Happy making, friends!


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Mason jars are one for my favorite cheap ways to create DIY Fall decor for my home. Most of the time I don't even need to go to the craft store I have a ton of mason jars from canning and past crafts. If we can remember the past couple Christmas' I have been obsessed with buffalo check. This buffalo check Christmas tree was one of my all time favorite trees I have ever decorated. Well when I was out at Joann Fabrics a few weeks ago I saw an orange buffalo check throw blanket that I had just fell in love with. I thought I wonder if I could incorporate orange buffalo check into my fall decor.


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Hand painted 8 inch flower pot. Painted saucer included. Pot is painted in reds and whites, with Reindeers and Christmas Trees all the way around the flower pot. White Snowflakes around the top red rim. Indoor or outdoor use. Outside and inside of pot has waterproof varnish, and saucer is painted to match pot. Personalized and different themed painted upon request!


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Canning Ring Pumpkin

I love fall. Warm colors. Pumpkin Spice. Candy Corn. Pumpkins. Campfires. Candy Corn. Fall leaves. Boots. Did I mention Candy Corn? Since the weather in Florida doesn’t scream FALL, its up to me to make sure that my children know that there such a season exists. I came across the idea to use canning rings for pumpkins – SO CUTE! You can paint the rings, use washi tape (this was a first for me), or let the rings shine on their own (the ones at Walmart were gold!). Check out my attempt below! It was so easy!!!! Give it a whirl! Canning Ring Pumpkins To get started, you’ll need: Canning Rings (I used 16)Washi Tape Cinnamon SticksWire (about 12 inches)Wire CuttersBurlapScissorsHot Glue GunGlue Sticks This project takes 15-20 minutes to complete. You'll start by wrapping the canning rings. I used 2 orange patterns and 2 gold patterns. Select whatever colors you'd like for your pumpkin. I suggest wrapping the washi tape around the ring twice. Make sure you press the tape firmly to secure it. Once you have your canning rings wrapped, create a pattern and string them through your wire. Once they are all on the wire, pull it tight toward the center, and twist. Use your wire cutters to trim the excess wire. Arrange the rings to create a circle & place a cinnamon stick in the middle. Cute & smells good! Win-Win! Take your scissors and cut a leaf (or two) out of the burlap and hot glue it to the rings. And that's it! Easy Peasy! Takes about 15-20 minutes to a make a darling canning ring pumpkin!! Happy Crafting!! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more DIY Crafts & Projects.


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